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EchoSMS – pioneers in Sri Lanka in m.Marketing and m.Advertising is now a strong advertising, creative & a promotional company


Welcome to EchoSMS Sri lanka

We at EchoSMS handle

  • Specific & General advertising in print & electronic media with creative concepts.
  • Marketing of products and services to consolidate and expand existing market share through competition based or reality programs especially using electronic media.
  • Introducing new products & services to the market & promoting them to create customer awareness and acceptance using at times teaser campaigns, hoardings, billboards etc.
  • Create, conceptualise & arrange events especially of corporate clients and manage them professionally.
  • Create attractive & strong client web sites, host them in secure servers, where necessary arrange search engine optimisation, maintain and regular updates.
  • Using our expertise in e.commerce arrange for store owners to set up, run & maintain on-line stores.
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